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1,May 2001
Issue 5.01.01
Jagged Doctrine
 “It’s a Jagged World (vol.1)”
Industrial Rock/Metal
Album Review by: Carey Jarvis
This is a Remix album with Jagged Doctrine debuting
some new songs, as well as
several guest artists along for some Remixes of earlier works.
 “Ultraviolent” has a really cool guitar part that almost has a Mission Impossible vibe to it, while “Justice Cries” hits you with a Heavy Metal crunch. “Unleashed (He’s Coming Pt.2)” has a rocking sound along with an Eastern Arabian riff, and a Breakbeat rhythm to make things funky. “Kill Floor” has
the great crunchy guitar sound I fell in love with on the "Welcome to the Playground” album, and thoroughly Rocks you.
“Taste of My Mind (All This Noise Mix)” has a cool intro with some good beats, and a crunchy guitar, as well as some sampled vox which are played with in creative ways. The song has many layers and is very busy, and even ends with an Opera like feel incontrast to the hardness. “Prepare to Die (Ronton Mix)”is a Remix by the
artist Ronton, which keeps the hard and scary sound of the original song while being layered with some impressive
sounding electronics which give it an Electronica vibe. “You Don’t Know Me (Hossanova Mix)” is Remixed by Hossonova and has a real Ravish element to it. I really like how he has given it a Techno flavor and it is one of my favorite mixes on the disc. “Welcome2DaPlayground (Infinite Beats Mix)” is Remixed by Level.9 and has a really cool Industrial Drum & Bass style. He keeps the heart of the original song, keeping the Rap Industrial feel, and he adds some really hard electronic riffs
akin to his Indikator stuff, and drops the Drum & Bass bed making it my favorite Remix on this project. If you are a fan of
click on the Icon to purchase Jagged Doctrine CDs
Indikator or Level.9, it may be worth having this album just for the one song, and of course if you are a Industrial fan you will enjoy all of the Jagged Doctrine stuff! To buy the album, or listen to a few of the tracks you can visit:

by: Carey Jarvis
at "Aurora" presented by
review by:DJ HYDE, The KING of VIBE
DRC  rocked the house at "Aurora" a St. Louis party Presented by Powerhouse Productions. I didn't know that she played almost every
genre, for I had never heard her before. She can really work the mixer, and her transitions were really smooth. It has to be tough to go from one genre to the next like that, but she makes it look like
a snap. At this point in the evening, I was very, very tired, so me and the queen went to sit on the floor. Mikee, a friend,  came over and was talking about how they'd found a boxful of hockey crap (he had a helmet on
his head) and how he was waiting for the owner to tell him to put it away when Boom! DRC drops some *sick!!!!* Jungle! Haha, I look at him, and cut him off midsentence. I was utterly confused and I looked at the speakers, and
back at him and said "Whoa. What just happened?" And he explained that DRC drops all styles of
music. And she drops them well. Her jungle blew away Two Tone's, no doubt about it.

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01, May 2001
Issue 5.01.01