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i try to dance but ive been interrupted
by a tapping on my shoulder, another party kids corrupted
you reek like vixx vaporub
i think its time you found a tub
your eyes roll around in your head
reminding me of the living dead
with pupils as big as the moon
its scary to think youll be going home soon
your so sweaty, but you want a hug?!
your bound in chains, enslaved to the drug
armed with pockets full of candy and pacifiers dripping
your stepping on my pants and now im tripping
your so enthralled, your so selfish
to be high forever is your only wish
"are you rolling?" you ask everyone in the crowd
your "more fucked up than ever", you must be proud
holes in your brain- it's apparent now
as you try to talk to me but forgot how
minutes later your making out on the floor
with some random stranger you've never met before
it feels so good, it feels so right
but your the most cracked out at the end of the nite
drinking water, scared you'll dehydrate
yet the ecstacy has already sealed your fate
you need a liver transplant, a new brain as well
your never happy in your self-inflicted hell
brains rotten, memories forgotten, what does it all mean?
this is an ode to the etards destroying our scene.
DJ Allanon

DJ Allanon, aka Corey Burton, attended his first "Rave" in the winter of 1998. Less than six months after that, he had purchased his first pair of turntables and mixer and began teaching himself the beginning of how to play electronic music.
     Some DJs and producers he has looked up to include:Christopher Lawrence, Paul Van Dyke, Sandra Collins, Joshua Ryan, and a long list of others. Some of the past events he has played include:Kickin it in K-Ville, Cha Cha Cha, and Old MacDonald had a Groove in Kirksville, MO: the What Festival in Iowa City Area and Better than Chocolate and Soulbinder in St. Louis.