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01, May, 2001
Issue 5.01.01
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Alice Deejay
Gold Albums

Judy from Alice Deejay took an hour out of her busy Tour to gab with our Hypergirl Editor, DJ Hypergirl.
HYPERGIRL: Last year was very successful for you with three singles making it to the highest position on the international charts.
Judy: Yeah,The last year has been a hell of a roller coaster ride going from one highlight to the other. We played
several clubs during our successful fall tour andmanaged to sell over 500,000 copies of Who Needs Guitars Anyway, certifying Gold status in the United States. And we went Gold in the United Kingdom too I even won the British Dancestar Award 2000.
HYPERGIRL: So Judy, where does the name Alice Deejay come from?
Judy: I first met up with the other girls in the Dutch Club RoxY. The music got me in a sort of trance, making me feel like Alice in Wonderland. Combined with my former job (clubjock), the name Alice Deejay was born.
HYPERGIRL: How were you discovered?
Judy: Oh, I was Dj-ing at a party in Holland. I had just finishing my set when I dropped my favorite tune Jason Nevins' "It's Like That". I love to dance, and so I couldn't resist but leave the decks and join the party out on the dance floor.   
HYPERGIRL: Why was the single Better Off Alone released under the name DJ Jurgen in some countries?
Judy: At the time of the first release of Better Off Alone, Alice Deejay was not yet the multi-DJ project it later became. That's why there were different release names
in different countries. In some countries, the single was first released under the name DJ Jurgen, and in other countries it was released by Alice Deejay featuring DJ Jurgen.After Better Off Alone, Alice Deejay became a multi-DJ project combining the talents of internationally acclaimed clubjocks such as Pronti & Kalmani, Johan Gielen
and Danski & Delmundo.  Starting with the second single, Back In My Life, it was decided to continue with the name Alice Deejay, instead of the DJ who produced the track.
HYPERGIRL: Do you still perform as a DJ?
Judy: No not anymore. Due to the immense success of Alice Deejay, I had toquit my own DJ-activities. However, I did make a one-time performance as a DJ on New Years Eve 2000 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
HYPERGIRL: I've heard rumors of you seeing Backstreet Boy Howie, is that true?
Judy: Ha Ha, no. There have always been rumours, but none of them were true. We never had a relationship or anything, oh and I didn't date Lionel Richie either, ha ha.
HYPERGIRL: What about the rumors about breast enlargement? Are they true?
Judy: Ha Ha, No way! Those rumours most probably got started when the video for Alice Deejay's latest single, Celebrate Our Love, first aired. The clip features a couple of shots of me wearing a bikini. Apparently, a lot of people got that impression after seeing the video but it was simply a push-up bikini bra I was wearing for the video.
That's it, that's all. No surgery for me!
HYPERGIRL: Your producer informed me that lots of people have been asking you
about a possible breast enlargement over the past weeks, and hundreds
of curious fans have been sending e-mails to you about the issue. How do you feel about that?
Judy:At first, I couldn't care less about all the commotion but it's beginning to get irritating on how everybody is now eager to check how they feel.
HYPERGIRL: Ha ha, I see, so you don't think that it had anything to do with your performance in Trinidad?
Judy: Oh my gosh, does everyone know about that?
HYPERGIRL: Well it was an open air performance and the President of Trinidad was there, ha ha. What did you do when you accidentally lost your bikini top on stage?
Judy: When my strap snapped on my top, at first I just stood there for a few
 seconds trying to figure out why I felt so free. There were over 5000 people
watching including the President of Trinidad, Arthur Robinson. So I ran back to the dressing room to put another top on. I must admit, I was quite shocked when all of a sudden, I was standing half-naked on-stage but luckily, I just finished a week of vacation on the sunny island, so at least I had a nice tan! And the show must go on, so five minutes later I was back on stage performing.
HYPERGIRL: Were there any problems with photos or video being aired of
the Trinidad show?
Judy: Well, Earlier this week, the webmasters of Alice received an anonymous e-mail announcing the existence of some amateur footage of the special performance. This footage, so the mailer claimed, was circulating on the Internet. But so far, the files have not been found yet.
HYPERGIRL: Well, thank you for answering all of our questions, good luck on your current tour, Judy.
Judy: No problem, thanks!


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